2021 CSR Report

2021 CSR Report

Our Commitment

At Titan, our global team is dedicated to continually working to advance our practices, processes, and polices related to environmental, social, and governance matters. Below, you will find some highlights of the work we have accomplished and the plans that we have going forward. More detailed information can be found in relevant policies on our website.

Environmental Commitment

The protection of the environment is a core value at Titan. We are dedicated to the continual improvement of environmental performance of our global operations and to reducing or eliminating, wherever practical, adverse environmental impacts through proper energy management, waste reduction, recycling/reuse, pollution prevention, and emissions control.

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Governance Commitment

The Board of Directors oversees the progress made toward ESG commitments. Recently, they approved several updates to social policies relating to human rights, health and safety, labor management, and diversity and inclusion. In addition, the Nominating Committee specifically oversees the racial and gender diversity commitments of the board.

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Our Affiliations


Titan has committed to the United National Global Compact, one of the premiere sets of international principles focusing on universal human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. These Ten Principles align with our value system as a responsible business.

As part of this, Titan is working to put in place relevant goals and targets that showcase our commitment to these principles and we look forward to communicating our progress toward those goals.